Visiting Researchers Program


The Adler strongly encourages researchers (astronomers, historians, social scientists, education researchers, evaluators, etc.) and science engagement experts (educators, artists, musicians, storytellers, etc.) to participate in our robust Visiting Researchers program, from short stays to longer sabbaticals. The program is designed to support researchers in conducting research and/or public science engagement in residence at the Adler. The unique mix of active research at the Adler and through our collaborations with Chicago area institutions and diverse public engagement opportunities provides an exceptional environment within which to thrive and have a transformative experience.

Visiting Researchers Eligibility Criteria:

  • Researchers must have completed undergraduate coursework. It is not necessary to be currently affiliated with an academic or research institution, though they may be Masters, PhD students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Scientists, Faculty, Emeritus, etc.
  • Proposed research and/or public engagement must align with the Adler’s mission.
  • Must have funding from your home institution and/or self-funding for housing, salary, etc.

For inquiries, please email Dr. Laura Trouille, VP of Science Engagement, We strongly encourage applicants to begin the inquiry process at least three months before an expected arrival date at the Adler.

For Collections Research Appointments, please download and fill out the Research Request Form and submit to


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