Adler Staff Star: Meet Lee!

Adler Staff Star | Lee Garcia

Lee Garcia
Facilities Support Team Lead

You’ve worked at the Adler for 6 years. (WOW!) What is one of your favorite memories from your time here?

Finding love under the stars!

What is your favorite exhibition, sky show, or experience at the Adler? Why?

My favorite exhibit in the building would have to be between The Universe: A Walk Through Space and Time and the Space Visualization Lab. The exhibit, A Walk Through Space and Time, starts you off by explaining the formation of our Universe through a condensed, easy-to-read timeline that begins with the formation of nuclei within the first three minutes of the Big Bang and ends at the current state of our Universe. It’s also one of the exhibits I feel you can spend about an hour or longer just reading and imagining how vast and incredible our Universe is. In the past, I have walked through the exhibit and it left me with questions that were able to be answered once I visited the Space Visualization Lab.

What are a few of your favorite things to do outside the Adler?

I like going to the movies, taking nature hikes, and traveling around the world. I’ve only managed to travel to France, Italy, and Mexico, but I am planning on going somewhere new this year. Location TBD!

Share one interesting fact about yourself!

I can quote the heck out of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Why, in your opinion, is space freaking awesome?

Space is freaking awesome because it reminds us how tiny we are compared to the rest of the Universe.

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