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Tag: Adler Staff Star

Adler Staff Star Wes Lethem

Adler Staff Star: Meet Wes!

Thursday February 20th
Colleen Cesaretti

Wes Lethem Theater Technician Hi Wes! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Working on the Museum Campus and specifically here at the Adler is a childhood dream come true, only it’s better than I ever could have imagined. As a kid I was (and still am) obsessed with the Star Trek-ian concepts of exploration, […]

Adler Staff Star January 2020 Erin Wilson

Adler Staff Star: Meet Erin!

Thursday January 30th
Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson Senior Director of Marketing Hi Erin! Give us a little background info about yourself! Career advertising lady and proud Adlerite for the past five years. Mom to three littles and a pooch. Ex-collegiate athlete who seeks competition wherever I can find it. I bleed maize and blue. What do you enjoy most about […]

Jess Ray | Adler Staff Star

Adler Staff Star: Meet Jess!

Friday December 20th
Bianca Anderson

Jess Ray Decision Support Analyst What do you enjoy most about working at the Adler? Getting to partner with colleagues that have such diverse expertise to help them understand and use their data. Numbers can be scary to some people, but together we demystify the dataset and find the story hidden within. What is something […]

Meet Adler Staff Star: Neil Adam!

Adler Staff Star: Meet Neil!

Saturday November 16th
Megan Lothamer

Neil Adam Exhibit Technician/Graphics What inspired you to be an Exhibits Technician? 10 years before coming to Adler, I worked at a sign shop. After hearing the Adler had an opening for someone with more of a graphics background, I was immediately interested. Knowing that the work I do could be seen by people from […]

Head Shot of Adler Staff Star: Orilla Fetro

Adler Staff Star: Orilla!

Friday October 25th
Bianca Anderson

Orilla FetroExhibit Design Lead What first sparked your interest in exhibit design?  I became interested in exhibit design while working as an exhibit graphic designer at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I loved seeing ideas flow from concept sketches to fleshed out ideas into tangible interactives. You’ve been heavily involved in the designing of the […]

Karen Donnelly | Executive Secretary | September Adler Staff Star

Adler Staff Star: Meet Karen!

Friday September 6th
Bianca Anderson

Karen DonnellyExecutive Secretary As someone who has worked at the Adler for the past 30 years (WOW!), what has been the most rewarding experience for you? WOW is right… there are so many experiences and it’s hard to choose. Overall, it’s the people here that make working at the Adler such a pleasure. I’ve always […]

A picture of our three Adler Teen Telescope Interns sitting outside of the Doane observatory.

Adler Staff Star: Telescope Teen Interns

Monday August 19th
Bianca Anderson

For this month’s Adler Staff Star we’re highlighting our Adler Teen Telescope Interns. Read on to learn more about their time here at the Adler! What prompted you to want to be a Summer Teen Intern at the Adler? “My natural curiosity in space and of all things involving science is what really led me […]

Dr. Andrew Johnston | July Adler Staff Star

Adler Staff Star: Meet Andrew!

Thursday July 18th
Bianca Anderson

Dr. Andrew JohnstonVice President of Astronomy and Collections As someone who has worked in museums for the past 30 years (WOW!), what has been the most rewarding experience for you? I began working in science museums when I was a teenager, so I feel very lucky to have been working in this business all my […]

Adler Staff Star: Pride Month

Adler Staff Star: Pride Month!

Thursday June 20th
Bianca Anderson

For this month’s Adler Staff Star we decided to highlight the employees at the Adler who embody what it means to be an ally and a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. What does Pride Month mean to you? “Pride Month is a remembrance/memorial for the brave trans-women of color who fought for visibility and equality […]

Adler Staff Star | Lee Garcia

Adler Staff Star: Meet Lee!

Friday May 24th
Bianca Anderson

Lee GarciaFacilities Support Team Lead You’ve worked at the Adler for 6 years. (WOW!) What is one of your favorite memories from your time here? Finding love under the stars! What is your favorite exhibition, sky show, or experience at the Adler? Why? My favorite exhibit in the building would have to be between The […]


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