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The Adler ‘Scope

Credit: NASA This is probably the first Moon rock picked up by Neil Armstrong as part of the “contingency sample.” Because the collection was so hurried and the documentation sparse, NASA scientists are not completely sure of the identification.

All Over Earth, Collecting Rocks from Space

Saturday July 13th
Mark Hammergren

Header Image: This is probably the first Moon rock picked up by Neil Armstrong as part of the “contingency sample.” Because the collection was so hurried and the documentation sparse, NASA scientists are not completely sure of the identification. Credit: NASA The Apollo missions sent humans to the Moon 50 years ago. Getting there required […]

Robert Davidson, shown on the left of the image holding a microphone, seen here conducting a space suit fit check with Astonaut Rusty Schweikart on December 17, 1966.

Online Exhibition: Voices of Apollo

Wednesday July 10th
Megan Lothamer

In May 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced a seemingly impossible goal of putting a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. “We choose to go to the Moon,” he declared. Eight years later the unthinkable would be proven possible. On July 20, 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission would touch down on […]

Michelle Nichols helping young skywatchers observe the sky at a 'Scopes in the City event.

Building Community Under the Stars

Friday July 5th
Michelle Nichols

In September 2016, we—the Adler’s ’Scopes in the City team—brought a telescope to the Wrightwood-Ashburn library branch on Chicago’s southwest side and set it up in front of the library. This branch has a beautifully clear view of the sky with no tall buildings in the way. A teen involved in other library programs came […]

The Moon surface as seen via the Adler's Doane Observatory in April 2017.

Adler Skywatch: July 2019

Monday July 1st
Karen Donnelly

Header Image: Moon surface taken by the Adler’s Doane Observatory on April 7, 2017. The nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission this month, July 2019. It was 50 years ago on July 20 when humans first set foot on Earth’s natural satellite. It’s a big month for the Moon astronomically as well. This […]

Tunguska: Unraveling the Mystery

Saturday June 29th
Megan Lothamer

Setting: Tuesday, June 30, 1908, around 7:15 am. A remote forest near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia. A large fireball streaks through the sky followed by an intense wave of heat felt up to 40 miles away. A loud explosion. The ground shakes. Silence. If the playwrights of today were to write a theatrical […]

The Big Dipper in the Night Sky

Discover: The Big Dipper

Wednesday June 26th
Megan Lothamer

It’s night and you’re looking up into the night sky. What’s the first constellation you see? If you thought to yourself “the Big Dipper,” you’re not alone! In Western culture, it’s often one of the first things we learn to recognize in the night sky as children. For many people in the United States, this […]

An artist's illustration of a brown dwarf. Image Credit: NASA

AstroFan: It’s a star! It’s a planet! No—it’s a brown dwarf?!

Monday June 24th
Bianca Anderson

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Our Universe is filled with strange objects that even scientists have trouble classifying. Read on to learn about brown dwarfs, the celestial objects that are kind of like a star and kind of like a planet but are actually neither. A wise man once said, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”. That […]

Adler Staff Star: Pride Month

Adler Staff Star: Pride Month!

Thursday June 20th
Bianca Anderson

For this month’s Adler Staff Star we decided to highlight the employees at the Adler who embody what it means to be an ally and a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. What does Pride Month mean to you? “Pride Month is a remembrance/memorial for the brave trans-women of color who fought for visibility and equality […]

The nigh sky with orion visible.

Adler Sky Observing 101: What to See

Tuesday June 18th
Michelle Nichols

Header Image Credit:  Kronerda, Wikimedia Commons From moon phases to meteor showers, the Adler has got you covered when it comes to knowing what to look for in the sky. Read our list below to get started! Moon Phases & Eclipses At all times, half of our Moon is lit by the Sun, just as […]

A skywatcher gazing up at the night sky.

Adler Sky Observing 101: Where to Go

Tuesday June 18th
Michelle Nichols

Interested in observing the night sky but not sure where to start? No worries! We’ve compiled the following list of sky observing locations and organizations for you to use as your guide. Please check with relevant local authorities regarding any required fees, overnight use, availability, etc. Places to Go 606 TRAIL The western entrance of […]


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