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Tag: Adler Planetarium

Meet Maude Bennot: The Woman Behind the Adler

Friday March 29th
Aubrey Henretty

The story of Maude Bennot—at least, the part of it that concerns the Adler Planetarium—doesn’t have a great ending. This is just a heads-up: You won’t like what happens. But if you love science and community and the place the Adler is today, you will like Maude Bennot. You’ll like her so much that you’ll […]

Mapping the Cretaceous Sky in SUE’s New Exhibit

Monday March 25th
Nick Lake

Header Image: SUE in the brand-new exhibit at the Field Museum with the night sky display in the background When Chicago icon SUE the T. rex had a new exhibit designed, our very own Nick Lake used his expertise and Adler’s technology to map what a Cretaceous sky might have looked like in SUE’s time. […]

Copernicus: The Astronomer & the City

Tuesday February 19th
Pedro Raposo

Who’s that guy sitting on a pedestal greeting you as you walk up to the Adler Planetarium? It’s one the most prominent astronomers in the history of modern science, Nicolaus Copernicus! In honor of his 545th birthday, let’s dive into the history behind this statue & this astronomer’s legacy. When you approach the Adler Planetarium […]


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