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Tag: Adler Planetarium

Chewbacca standing outside the Adler Planetarium looking out at the Chicago skyline during an Adler After Dark event. Image Credit: Katie Sater

May the 4th (And The Puns) Be With You

Monday May 4th
Colleen Cesaretti

Happy Star Wars Day! This epic saga has been inspiring people all around the globe—including Adler Planetarium staff—since 1977. Our staff celebrated this intergalactic holiday by sharing some of their favorite Star Wars memories. May the force be with you and remember—yoda best! “I’ve loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember! Two […]

Staff members of the Adler Planetarium marketing team posing with newly branded Adler sweatshirts in January 2020.

Google Hangouts, Dance Parties, At-Home Clothes…Oh My!

Tuesday March 31st
Jennifer Howell

How Adler Staff is Staying Connected During These “Unprecedented Times” Header Image: Staff members of the Adler Planetarium marketing team posing with newly branded Adler sweatshirts in January 2020. On a cosmic scale, there is very little distance between us. However, when you’re used to collaborating in person to create memorable experiences for an iconic […]

Adler Staff Star January 2020 Erin Wilson

Adler Staff Star: Meet Erin!

Thursday January 30th
Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson Senior Director of Marketing Hi Erin! Give us a little background info about yourself! Career advertising lady and proud Adlerite for the past five years. Mom to three littles and a pooch. Ex-collegiate athlete who seeks competition wherever I can find it. I bleed maize and blue. What do you enjoy most about […]

Adler Planetarium logo

A New Brand 90 Years in the Making

Monday January 20th
Erin Wilson

Live what you love. It’s advice that we all should be heeding more often, but it’s something that I am lucky enough to do here at the Adler each and every day. For the past two and a half years, I’ve been proud to help lead the charge as we’ve worked collectively to define who […]

The First Planetarium in Space

Friday May 17th
Megan Lothamer

By Jesus Garcia (Electronics Design System Engineer and Educator) and Dr. Geza Gyuk (Astronomer). On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Adler sent its first mission to space! This ambitious project was a collaboration between students, scientists, and volunteers from around Chicagoland. Last spring, students from the ITW David Speer Academy, a public four-year charter high […]

Meet Maude Bennot: The Woman Behind the Adler

Friday March 29th
Aubrey Henretty

The story of Maude Bennot—at least, the part of it that concerns the Adler Planetarium—doesn’t have a great ending. This is just a heads-up: You won’t like what happens. But if you love science and community and the place the Adler is today, you will like Maude Bennot. You’ll like her so much that you’ll […]

Mapping the Cretaceous Sky in SUE’s New Exhibit

Monday March 25th
Nick Lake

When Chicago icon SUE the T. rex had a new exhibit designed, our very own Nick Lake used his expertise and Adler’s technology to map what a Cretaceous sky might have looked like in SUE’s time. Don’t expect to see the Big Dipper – SUE’s night sky would look very different than ours today. How […]

Copernicus: The Astronomer & the City

Tuesday February 19th
Pedro Raposo

Who’s that guy sitting on a pedestal greeting you as you walk up to the Adler Planetarium? It’s one the most prominent astronomers in the history of modern science, Nicolaus Copernicus! In honor of his 545th birthday, let’s dive into the history behind this statue & this astronomer’s legacy. When you approach the Adler Planetarium […]


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