Skywatch Weekly

#LookUp With Us Wherever You Are!

Skywatch Weekly is a video series from the Adler that encourages viewers to get to know their night sky. Each episode highlights objects like constellations and planets you’ll be able to spot on your own at home during the upcoming week, a weekly challenge, and other fun facts about our universe.

We publish new episodes on YouTube every Wednesday! You can browse our playlist above using the playlist menu in the top righthand corner of the video or visit our YouTube channel for the latest Skywatch Weekly updates. (Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to get notifications when we post new videos!)

We Want to Hear From You!

Let us know what you think or what objects in the sky you want us to cover. Share your comments, questions, and suggestions with us in the YouTube comments section or on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @adlerplanet and #LookUp.


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