Roving With Perseverance

Snap a selfie with Percy and Ginny’s “twin models” until January 2023.

NASA’s Roving with Perseverance traveling exhibition—featuring full-scale models of both the Mars Perseverance rover and its sidekick helicopter Ingenuity—is now open!

This will be your chance to see these models up close and will help demonstrate the scale and technological marvel of these explorers: Perseverance “Percy” is as big as a small car; its camera mast towers overhead. Ingenuity “Ginny” is quite small and light but can travel faster than its 6-wheeled partner, and as the first aircraft to ever fly on another planet, seeing this model up close will allow guests to experience just how small this history-making rotorcraft actually is.


  • Check out all of the technology that’s on board the real Perseverance that is studying Mars including the Mastcam, the Robotic Arm, and Meda Weather Station. See how it compares to its counterpart, Spirit and Opportunity, that resides in Our Solar System gallery
  • Follow the Perseverance journey as it explores Mars: learn how it got there, what it’s doing there, and why it is important for future missions
  • Look up at the Ingenuity helicopter hanging above you in exhibit space. Imagine what it must be like for an aircraft of that size and weight (just 1.5 lbs!), to be the first to take flight on another planet
  • Learn more about Ginny’s mission and how Ginny and Percy are working together to explore, investigate, and uncover the mysteries of the red planet

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