Choose the Moon With Us This Winter!

Imagine the Moon at the Adler Planetarium this Winter!

This winter, we’re stopping to #LookUp and celebrate the mysteries and magnetism of our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon.

The Moon has been a source of wonder for all of human history. It has been a muse for poetry, art, and epic stories. As people studied and recorded the patterns of the Moon’s movements, they discovered that it was much more than a mysterious light in our sky.

Join us as we come together to experience a total lunar eclipse—the first visible to us in its entirely since 2015!—as well as premiere a brand new sky show, Imagine the Moon, which takes a closer look at the Earth’s relationship with our little orbiting satellite!

Beginning December 2018
Installation featuring Moon by UK artist Luke Jerram

January 18, 2019
Imagine the Moon sky show premiere

January 20, 2019
Lunar Eclipse Observing Event
And more!

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Sponsored by the Magellan Corporation

Choose the Moon With Us!

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