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Drawing of Chicago with the stars above

Feeling socially distant? Connect with us and our community wherever you are.

On a cosmic scale, there’s practically no distance between us. We’re all flying through space on the same little blue planet, and we’re all looking up at the same sky. So even though the Adler’s doors are closed for now, you can stay connected with the museum, with science and astronomy, with our universe—and with other people—exactly where you are.

Get to know the night sky

Skywatch Wednesday #LookUp with us on select Wednesdays for a visual update on what to see in the night sky for the upcoming week with Nick, the Adler Planetarium’s theaters manager.

Sky Observers Hangout Discover what it means to observe something in the sky—and how to see it for yourself!—with our astronomy educators! Observe upcoming cosmic happenings, enhance your astrophotography skills and see celestial objects through a telescope virtually in this live YouTube series.

Adler Coloring Books Learn fun facts about constellations through illustrations from the Adler Planetarium’s Collections in the Adler Zoo Coloring Book and  constellations of the zodiac in these printable coloring books for all ages. And, when you’re done coloring those, check out the latest book that was recently released all about Animal constellations!  

Stay in our orbit

Wow! Signal Space Comedy Show Laugh along with Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith as they investigate the origins of a mysterious signal that came down from the sky. After you watch see how the show is made.

The Adler ’Scope Blog Find stories that embody who we are, what we do, and give you an insider look behind-the-scenes of a space museum.

Virtual Exhibitions See the Adler Planetarium’s Collections come to life through online Google Arts & Culture exhibitions, including this online exhibit about female science communicators and this one exhibit highlighting rare books and works on paper. Meet the people (perhaps some that you’ve never heard about before) that have made significant contributions to STEM fields in Raíces Bajo Las Estrellas: Rooted Under the Stars and Here, Queer and Exploring Beyond the Atmosphere. 

The Aquarius Project Podcast When a meteor crashes in your backyard, you pick it up. When your backyard is a 22,000-square-mile Great Lake, you call your friends and improvise… follow along with us as the story unfolds in this six-episode podcast series!

Stories from the YOUniverse Podcast Get to know some of the people who have made our community so special over the last 90 years.

Collaborate from virtually anywhere

Adler Zooniverse Contribute to real scientific research from your couch! Zooniverse volunteers just like you have discovered new planets, helped route supplies to hurricane victims, and much, much more. (You can also explore Zooniverse’s online resources here.)

Do Science at Home Use materials you have around your house to try your hand at a variety of experiments.

Challenge Your Imagination Let your creativity explore the farthest galaxies to bake star cookies (with a twist), paint starry night skies, craft galactic pumpkins, build pillow forts fit for an astronaut, and more. Check out our activities on Instagram and TikTok and send us your stellar creations on social media!

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Your all-access pass to our universe!

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