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Tag: Aquarius Project

A Day Aboard the Neeskay

Wednesday August 21st
Jonathan Russell

This July, I had the pleasure of joining a small group of teen interns, scientists, and podcasters onboard the research vessel Neeskay. As a lover of maritime history, open water, and Moby Dick, it was something of a wish-fulfillment for me. Like the infamous Captain Ahab and his motley crew, we were in search of […]

The Aquarius Project Podcast: Episode 4

Thursday February 28th
Aubrey Henretty

Header image: The Aquarius Project sled in all its (current) glory. New to the Aquarius Project? Start here! (Really, go. This post will make a lot more sense once you’re caught up.) I am pleased to announce that the fourth installment of the Aquarius Project Podcast is available now! The Aquarius Project sled did not […]

Postcard from the 1930s featuring the Adler Planetarium in what is nowadays known as Chicago Museum Campus. Note the Shedd Aquarium just below, and the Field Museum next to it. (Adler Planetarium Archives).

Defying Boundaries in the Museum World

Tuesday January 29th
Pedro Raposo

The Adler Planetarium opened to the public on May 12, 1930, forming a triumvirate of museums with the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium in what is nowadays known as Chicago Museum Campus, a beautiful park by Lake Michigan. In 1932 the Adler’s first director, Philip Fox, wrote: “the three [museums] are fittingly closely associated […]

Aquarius Project Podcast - New Episode

Episode 3 of The Aquarius Project Podcast is Now Available!

Tuesday November 27th
Aubrey Henretty

Episode 3 of the Aquarius Project Podcast is available now! If you’re new to the series, start here. It’s been a minute since our last update about The Aquarius Project, the Adler Planetarium’s one-of-a-kind underwater meteorite hunt. If you haven’t been following #aquariusproject on Open Explorer or your social media platform of choice, you might […]


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