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Tag: Kids

A photo of our universe with doodles of a planet and astronaut on it.

Space Mad Libs For Kids!

Tuesday November 10th
Megan Lothamer

Enjoy family-friendly fun with these space mad libs for kids!

Artwork of the Chicago city skyline.

DIY At Home: Your Night Sky

Monday October 19th
Megan Lothamer

In this hands-on activity for families, we encourage you to look up at the night sky and design a night scene inspired by your memory or your imagination.

Hudson touching a real meteorite in 2014

The tale of an Adler Planetarium family: It’s not (all) about the kids

Tuesday May 28th
Megan Lothamer

We’ve been an Adler family since our son, Hudson, picked up his first toy space shuttle and never put it down. I remember his first trip—when he was perhaps three years old—and the look of wonder on his face as it dawned on him that the rockets, the planets, the stars, and moon were all […]


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