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Category: Museum Experiences & Programs

Rectangle rock blocks in a spiral pattern on green grass with trees and the Adler Planetarium in the background.

Celebrate The Summer Solstice And The 25th Anniversary of Americas’ Courtyard At The Adler Planetarium

Wednesday June 21st
Adler Planetarium Staff

Celebrate the summer solstice and 25th anniversary of Americas’ Courtyard with artist Denise Milan at the Adler Planetarium.

A theater with seats that has a 360 degree screen and projected onto the screen is an image of a dark night sky with white star trials, a rainbow heartbeat pulse, and three pyramids.

New Fulldome Show Now Playing At The Adler Planetarium: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’

Thursday March 30th
Adler Planetarium Staff

Header Image: A theater with seats that has a 360 degree screen and projected onto the screen is an image of a dark night sky with white star trials, a rainbow heartbeat pulse, and three pyramids. The Adler Planetarium is excited to announce it has licensed legendary rock band Pink Floyd’s new fulldome planetarium show, […]

Making Stellar Connections With Students and Teachers, One Field Trip At A Time

Tuesday November 1st
Adler Planetarium Staff

Header Image: Kids looking through a telescope outside at the Adler Planetarium. Author: Emilse Alvarado, Virtual Field Trips Educator and Sarah Smail Picture this: It’s a crisp Tuesday morning. Your class is happily singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ as you pull up to the Adler. You walk into the group entrance and you hear […]

Front exterior of the Adler Planetarium with a blue sky.

10 Things At The Adler Planetarium You Don’t Want To Miss

Wednesday January 26th
Colleen Cesaretti

Header Image: Adler Planetarium December 2021. Editor’s Note: Updated in January 2024 to reflect more current and updated exhibit information. As the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere (and one of the historic attractions located on Chicago’s Museum Campus) we’ve got some pretty stellar exhibits you don’t want to miss during your visit! Read on to […]

Adler Planetarium flying the Progress Pride Flag in 2019

Space During Pride Month

Saturday June 13th
Kenzie Elizabeth

Header Image: The outside of the Adler Planetarium in June 2019 flying the Chicago flag and Progress Pride flag. My name is Kenzie Elizabeth, and I am a LGBTQ+ filmmaker, writer, retired drag queen, and activist from Chicago, and I’m here to talk about space! And it’s June! That’s Pride month, baby! This time last […]

Linking The World’s Planetariums

Tuesday October 29th
Colleen Cesaretti

By Mark SubbaRao, PhD and Colleen Cesaretti Header Image: Mark SubbaRao runs the first tech rehearsal for the 2019 November Kavli Lecture, A Universe of Surprises, in the Grainger Sky Theater. Equipped with two fulldome theaters within the Adler’s walls, global domecasting has become an innovative way that we connect with other planetariums, countries, and […]

The First Planetarium in Space

Friday May 17th
Megan Lothamer

By Jesus Garcia (Electronics Design System Engineer and Educator) and Dr. Geza Gyuk (Astronomer). On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Adler sent its first mission to space! This ambitious project was a collaboration between students, scientists, and volunteers from around Chicagoland. Last spring, students from the ITW David Speer Academy, a public four-year charter high […]

Astronaut Peggy Whitson on the ISS

‘American Space Ninja’ to be honored at WISS

Monday May 6th
Jonathan Russell

On May 16, 2019, in partnership with the Adler Planetarium Women’s Board, the Adler will host its annual Women in Space Science Award Celebration (WISS). This event honors women who make significant contributions to space science and pave the way for future generations in STEM. The Adler is proud to recognize former NASA chief astronaut […]

Far Horizons flight 118

Mission NiteLite: Rescuing the Night Sky

Thursday April 25th
Ken Walczak

Header Photo: Overhead image of Kankakee/Bradley, IL from Far Horizons high-altitude balloon test flight 118 on April 29, 2018. The image was shot from 24.5 kilometers up into the stratosphere. This flight was the first successful NiteLite test flight, proving that mapping light pollution in Chicago would be a possibility. Since the dawn of humanity, […]

Adler After Dark A Night in the Afrofuture

Insights Into Afrofuturism

Sunday February 10th
Ytasha L. Womack

Header Image: A tour group going up into the Atwood Sphere at the 2019 Adler After Dark: A Night in the Afrofuture event. Update: This blog was revised in February 2024 to include information about Niyah and the Multiverse. What’s Afrofuturism? Great question! We asked leading Afrofuturism expert, Ytasha Womack, to fill us in! Womack […]


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