Our Solar System

The entry way to Our Solar System exhibit. A large globe of Earth is to the right, the center is a model of the Moon and the words "Our Solar System" hangs above with grey letters and a bright orange background.

Our meteorite traveled millions of miles to get here. The least you can do is come touch it.

That meteorite, which crashed into Earth and left a huge crater in the Arizona desert, isn’t the only bit of the universe you can get your hands on in Our Solar System. Place your right hand on a Moon rock and find out why footprints last so long up there. Touch a piece of Mars and learn about the robotic rover that’s been investigating the surface of the red planet since 2012.

And don’t forget to make your own (mini) crater right here on Earth with our Crater Maker!

Our solar system is much more than a star and eight planets; it is home to a set of diverse and amazing objects that we are only beginning to understand. Explore it with us today!


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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